A conscious life is a considered and thought out life. It is about truly listening to yourself and then making your choices. It is not about wandering aimlessly, drifting in the stream of life, but taking deliberate and intentional action. Living a conscious life means that you are actively assessing your activities, decisions and choices. You are choosing deliberately intended options based on your own personal values and truths.

Walking deliberately through the front door at AB Småland is a conscious choice, as are all the items they have chosen to have for sale, it is also no surprise that this company chose the beautiful harbour city of Malmö to open their shop. Swedens third largest city and arguably most green city by far, having recently outlined their 'Environmental Programme' to become the “Best City in the World for Sustainable Urban Development by 2020” it is quite simply a perfect match.

AB Småland describing themselves as 'A lifestyle concept where the unexpected meets the traditional. Redesigned home interiors and fashion blended with newly designed organic or recycled materials where we invite you to participate in the creation. Our ambition is to offer an inspiring meeting place with a creative atmosphere where everyone feels welcome.'  Frankly I could not put it better myself.

With a plethora of wonderful goodies to buy, from fabrics and napkins, to linens, clothes made by Ecoalf - an amazing urban fashion company which produces mid to high end fashion that easily rivals the quality and design of the industry's finest non-recycled products with the added caveat that their products actually help in saving the oceans from contamination one PET bottle at a time. Through the Ecoalf Foundation, funded by HAP foundation and with the help of the local fishermen off the coast of Levante, Ecoalf removes rubbish from the seabed, an enormous project, a portion of this rubbish is then recycled into pellets, thread, fabric and Ecoalf's new generation of eco friendly products.

Moving through the shop you will encounter the most delightful flower shop to be found in amongst their many wares, also Karün sunglasses, from another environmentally conscious company which offer a different way of looking at the world. Ayurvedic tea can be found in amongst the old school gym equipment which reminds me of school, a charming cafe serving light lunches proving very popular amongst the locals. Handmade leather goods, denim with a conscience, natural cleaning products and the best kids corner ever, three crates and a block of paper, eco crayons and the biggest black board you have ever seen - really who needs anything else.

Upstairs you will find the Workshops & Events space where they hold crafting sessions for those budding creatives out there and once a month is their furniture auction which if the second hand furniture dotted throughout the shop is anything to go by, must be amazing. With some great jazz tunes, you could easily, consciously and mindfully while a way the whole day here, knowing full well that whatever you choose to buy will be helping the environment, your choices will actively help reduce pollution and the mistreatment of natural species, your support will aid in the repair to the damage we, the human race have caused to nature and with this, you can begin to see the world from a different point of view.