This particular story began early 1996 in London - at Andrew Edmunds in Soho to be more precise. It was a meeting of the past, present and the future, where our combined history began, our seeds were sown and our dreamed dreams could be realised.

Absintheminded was thus created, our chiaroscuro vision of life and living, alive, honest and with clarity. We dabbled in painting and poetry, food and song. We travelled, soaking up other customs and cultures, savouring all we learnt and we documented all we saw mainly through the language of photography to reflect our textures of life, the muted tones, our reality.

From London via San Francisco, New Orleans and Wiltshire we have come full circle and with aspirations of a slower living settled into a life on the West Coast of Sweden - in a little town by the sea, a simple and gentler place to raise our family - with the acquired knowledge from our journeys and the collective wisdom of our forefathers.

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