An ode To Bristol


People often reach out to me through the wonderful world of Instagram and ask for places I might recommend for their visit. It’s always a struggle, not because I can’t think of anywhere but because the list is so vast - covering so many different pockets of the city. Each pocket unique in its own way, each with its own charm and my favourite places. I want to take everyone by the hand and show them this city that I love so much. But it can’t be done in a day, there’s simply too much. There is a creative spirit here unlike anywhere else I’ve been. It is a city that thrives on art, culture, food and community and you can see it everywhere - independents outweigh the usual carbon copies of coffee shops and restaurants you might see in other cities.

While Bristol is always bustling, there are plenty of places to find that much needed calm and solace too. A walk along the harbour side as the sun is setting, with views of boats and the famous rows of colourful houses - it’s enough to make you feel far, far away. Not to mention the countless parks tucked away in the most unexpected places. Even the hills, which I admit I often complain about after a long day, make for the most beautiful views across the city. The sound of seagulls might grate on others, but their calls are a close comfort to me when I’ve been away and come back to that familiarity - knowing I am back by the water, again.

Someone once told me that those who move to Bristol stay in Bristol. Or at least they are bound to return. I know that wherever life’s adventures take me, Bristol is home and it will always have my heart.