PHOTOGRAPHY: courtesy of Artilleriet

Our favourite shop - founded by Christian Duivenvoorden and Sofie Hellsing in 2011 - specialises in creating atmospheres that captivate their audience. With their blend of classic, vintage and modern products imaginatively displayed in a semi industrial space, they fuse together the art forms within objects and experiences based on a genuine love for the craft. Two years later they also created The Kitchen - a highly curated selection of kitchen wares displayed in a Scandinavian minimalism meets French farmhouse setting, based as much upon the notion of the social aspects of breaking bread, as the joys of cooking - an off-shoot to their popular flagship boutique as they wanted the shop “to feel like you just entered someone’s kitchen”. Earlier this year they added the pop-up concept Studio to their growing body of work, a home environment in keeping with their others projects, a place to sit, think, be inspired. Within all of these venues they most certainly more than excel in their vision “to assemble the best selections imaginable”.

Earlier this year they celebrated five years with a gathering of carefully selected guests, each of whom received their copy of "A. Journal of Creative Living". This journal was an opportunity for Artilleriet to celebrate some of the creators behind the aesthetic pieces they display and sell within their spaces. They believe wholeheartedly that creative living is about thinking beyond borders, seeking originality, being unique, enveloped by a genuine love for the art involved. This passion is reflected in the artists chosen by Artilleriet, such as the beautifully handmade and imperfect objects made by Astier de Villatte, the only major Parisian studio keeping the age old tradition of artisanal ceramics alive, they make everyday household objects exquisite enough to become centrepieces for a charming still life. The decorative artist John Derian's work is also featured, as a noted decoupage master, he creates reprints of 18th and 19th century images and calligraphy for his ever expanding product line of plates, paperweights, decorative items and more. Also celebrated are the rather captivating bags and other accessories - featuring black leather and brass - by the Swedish designer Ann-Louise Landelius.

Walking into any of Artilleriet's spaces you can feel the passion they have for their artists and their products, there is a genuine feel to their stores, they love their work and they certainly are willing to go the extra mile in order to make their clients and artists happy. This is perhaps one of the reasons that many, many people feel inclined to make the journey to Gothenburg in order to experience shopping as it should be.