“All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today” - Indian Proverb

Imagine if you could walk into your favourite Great Aunt's front room, her beloved and battered chair parked next to the wireless, with plants everywhere and yet when you walk through this particular door, you are entering an old country store - now reincarnated into a charming floral and interior design boutique. Pinging on the bell as you go, the first thing that overwhelms you is the smell, that perfect combination of old school flower shop, intertwined with history, moss and wood, invoking so many memories it quite simply, stops you in your tracks.

Blomsterfrid truly is the most perfect of artisanal florists, situated in the quiet little village of Fridhemsberg on Sweden's West Coast where Morgan - the man behind this endearing oasis - wanted to create a space, a place where people would come and just for a moment time could stand still, allowing room to breathe - to stand still. There is a charm and nostalgia within this boutique with both sculptural, naturalistic elements and artistic objects for sale.

There is a distinct signature to his work, instantly recognisable to even the untrained eye, simplicity is the key, less is always more, details made with love, painterly, romantic with an air of abandonment and a twist of faded grandeur. He is inspired by nature and can often be seen out in the forest, foraging, digging up moss for his wreaths, or picking twigs and pine cones for his wintery decorations and garlands, mirrored by the seasons, with summer bouquets containing local grasses and autumn which naturally brings the hedgerows into his flower arranging - each season holding its own special magic. His flowers are always wrapped in wax paper, which accentuates his blend of beautiful and rustic, the work should not be perfect, it should be wild and untamed. This coupled with dark twine, dark paper and his own brown paper bags, with the letterpress inspired logo in black, making his vision complete.

Within this freedom of flowers, where old world charm meets the future it is however not only the flowers that are important, but the connection between Morgan and his customers, the meeting is of great significance and he wants them to leave feeling full of inspiration - he is a craftsman who wants his clients to feel safe with their selection, he believes implicitly in old-fashioned customer service, of which trust is of paramount importance. Through a few twists and turns, he has learned to listen to his heart - by bringing nature closer, making his environment more beautiful, using it to create a story and a context, within an enviably harmonious setting where in the stillness he can hear the call of the flowers - creating his floral freedom. Standing in his own little version of paradise it is not hard to understand why his customers are willing to travel from afar for his wonderful floral creations, quirky interior details and exquisite service.