One of my earliest memories of helping mummy in the kitchen did not, as I remember, go as planned, when cracking the eggs into our cake mixture, a dead chick tumbled out. At the time I did not understand why we couldn't just pick out the chick and carry on with baking the cake. Obviously I did not have a clue in matters of food poisoning and the like, I just wanted to have my cake and eat it. I still to this day, hold my breath and sigh with relief when cracking my eggs.

I do love a good egg, powerhouses of nutrition, the ultimate convenience food. Filling, nutritious, healthy, delicious simplicity and wholesomeness on a plate. Nothing says weekend quite like eggs. One of our favourite ways to start the weekend involves going to our local farm and picking up a tray of thirty eggs on Saturday morning, or better yet on Friday afternoon so on Saturday I can pop in the sourdough that has been rising overnight and get started on the eggs. Thinking these babies are going to last forever, but knowing that if we are lucky we will make it through to Sunday.

The are just so versatile, who could ever tire of a soft boiled egg with herb salt, a comforting bowl of scrambled eggs with freshly foraged chanterelles and smoked pork belly, omelette with fresh chives from the garden, pancakes done any which way, frittata made with potatoes and chorizo, poached eggs on new season asparagus, or our new favourite - soy marinated eggs. Nothing says Sunday quite like the sweet vanilla eggy flavour of our favourite clafoutis - be it aux poires, abricots, pommes ou cerises for pudding.

Eggs represent the magic and mystery of creation, the cycle of life, fertility, the beginning of something new, creation, creativity and potential for growth. They also form the basis of our favourite Easter traditions, be it hunting chocolate eggs in the warm spring air of Grandma and Grandpa's garden or egg colouring at my sister's house, with the vinegary smell filling the air with anticipation of the day ahead, featuring more egg hunts, baskets filled with chocolate delights and my sister’s German potato salad, Newbury sausages and the newly coloured eggs - that form the basis of the egg whacking competition - so who will get the championship egg this year?