Farrow & Ball


PHOTOGRAPHY: courtesy of Farrow & Ball

Colours and in particular those used for buildings is fascinating, the extraordinary way deep and richly pigmented colours respond to light throughout the day, bringing walls, façades and window frames to life. Colours in every hue, shade, tint and tone and when it comes to picking colours for your home no-one does it better than the distinctive palette of 132 timeless, deep and complex colours produced by Farrow & Ball. Brimming with only the finest ingredients and rich pigments, their paint is made to respond extraordinarily to all types of light, thereby bringing your walls to life.

Born and bred in Dorset, England Farrow & Ball paints were created by founders John Farrow and Richard Ball who were passionate about creating richly pigmented paint to original formulations using age-old methods, a passion that continues today, with an eco-friendly production that follows a strict reduce, reuse and recycle policy which produces water based paints that are low odour, eco-friendly and safe for you and your family, which means they can be used within every room of your home - from recyclable paint tins to responsibly sourced wallpapers, ensuring their paints and papers are as kind as possible to the environment.

Having personally made a few mistakes in the past in the home decorating department, since renovating our Victorian house in Wiltshire and utilising the help of Farrow & Ball we understand exactly how important choosing what colour to paint your walls is. Whilst we understood that the style and function of a room are vital when considering colour choices what we didn't realise however was that the position of the room is also significant, as colour varies according to both the quality and type of natural light, which is why the same colour can often appear quite different depending on the position of the room, the time of day and even the time of year.

Farrow & Ball thankfully offer wonderful tips ensuring success when tackling these difficult choices - such as north facing rooms where the light is cooler and harsher, these areas can benefit greatly from their cocooning, dramatic and strong colours such as Railings or Down Pipe which will create a sense of intimacy to your dark spaces. South facing rooms with their warm light will benefit from the pale tones found in the soft blues of Pavilion Blue or Borrowed Light, whilst west facing rooms will be enhanced by white such as Wimborne White or even neutral grey such as Ammonite. Finally an east facing room will work best with greens.

With the interior of the property covered it is important to turn your attention to the façade as well and whilst we were hurtling through the narrow Cotswold country lanes we could not help but notice the distinct tonal quality of their French Gray No.18 peppered throughout - it really is more green than grey, but it flits effortlessly between the two depending on the light and time of day. This colour takes its inspiration from 19th century French decoration and wallpapers, interior wise it creates a relaxed room, but its popularity is unrivalled creating a soothing hue perfect for exterior woodwork which lends itself particularly well to the Cotswold façades - a colour that deserves its popularity as the perfect exterior paint.