We recently visited this concept furniture, interior architecture and studio store in Copenhagen. As we arrived the staff were sitting down at a large communal table having breakfast with one another, using the space as it is intended, reflecting how we truly live. Suddenly the space was alive, it wasn't just another kitchen in an interiors shop devoid of life and character, it was a living functioning space, an area in a shop that was being used, tools that were being used, chairs being sat on. We were invited to join them, of course there was space at their table and we were immediately made to feel welcome. It occurred to us what a blindingly simple yet extremely powerful concept Frama have happened upon, to use the space for the purpose in which it is ultimately intended - gathering and sharing - this is a far more powerful sales approach than even the most honed salesperson could ever hope to achieve. Imagine being able to host a dinner party in your new kitchen before it is even installed in your home, using the furniture in a relaxed a comfortable way, living in an environment - if only for a little while - hosting an event before buying or customising the items to your own environment.

These modern northern influencers - by housing themselves in a former pharmacy from the 1800's, with its original woodwork and architectural elements - aim to create a link between these opposite poles, contemporary and classic, digital and analogue and this is most certainly reflected in the synergy between the past and present elements of their space, their understated yet handsome products and interiors permeated with character - a blend of ancient and modern, old and new, set in a perfect context.

There is however much more to Frama than initially meets the eye, there is the showroom itself where the Frama Collection can be found, this includes lighting, furniture and accessories, bespoke and achingly desirable pieces made from a variety of high-quality, characteristic materials such as cork, marble and different metals. Here is where you will also find Frama Studio Kitchen - designed as a free standing element without mounting to walls - their kitchen is based on the Italian principle that when moving from home to home it is of vital importance to bring along the kitchen, it is after all the heart of the household. They also have Frama Studio, an interiors and product design studio, which they describe as "a work in progress", which serves as a platform for creative freedom, here they create site specific design solutions - through their work they are striving to become a way of life and no doubt they have many more ideas just waiting to bubble up to the surface.

With their impressive eye for clean lines, modernist aesthetics and their appreciation of timeless materials, theirs is an impressive body of work and they also do collaborate with like minded and skilled artisans, such as Swedish-Danish designer Maribel Carlander whose Fundament Candleholders fit so well within the Frama brand and aesthetic. Simple yet elegant with strong geometrical lines and the material used clearly in focus. There is also their wonderfully scented toiletries from the St. Pauls Apothecary Collection, a small eclectic range, handcrafted in Copenhagen and packaged into Italian glass - a fresh and aromatic scent with notes of sandalwood, cedarwood and ylang ylang that reflects and thus creates a symbiosis with the interior of the old pharmacy.

We are certainly dreaming of gathering at this wonderful space once more.