An intrinsic part of life in Hamburg can be found in one of Europe's longest markets and quite possibly Germany's most famous weekly market - Isemarkt. It is as popular among Hamburg's inhabitants as it is among the visitors to this vibrant city. Taking a stroll along the almost one kilometer long market is an assault on your senses, from touching the beautiful wares, to seeing the creative florists, to hearing the cheese monger and his enthusiasm for his delicious chunks of creamy goodness inviting you to spend more than you had originally planned. Smelling open fields, forest mornings and the evening sun from the freshly picked mushrooms to the sun warmed tomatoes, as well as the newly baked breads and just poured espressos. Finally - the taste, reflected in our glittering eyes and infectious enthusiasm.

Open Tuesdays and Fridays from 8.30am until 2pm and with over 200 traders this extraordinary gourmet farmer's market can be found underneath the Isestrasse viaduct in Eppendorf - Hamburg’s oldest village - a charming residential neighbourhood with beautiful art nouveau buildings, tranquil waterways and elegant townhouses.