When you make a wish what do you wish for? Whilst riches are fun for a while, I think that most of us if we are honest, wish for our loved ones and ourselves to be safe and sound, happy and with good health. We have the power to influence the last two wishes to some extent, so what if we could do more than just wish for good health, what if we could achieve it as well.

On our recent wellness trip to Bavaria, we discovered Father Sebastian Kneipp, a 19th century Bavarian monk, who is said to be the father of hydrotherapy, when in fact he was the proponent of an entire system of naturopathic healing which rested on five main logical and common sense tenets that are reflected in modern day naturopathy:

Hydrotherapy - Kneipp believed that regular and specifically targeted applications of water had a positive effect on your body and mind. To clarify hydrotherapy is therapeutic bathing using heat, cold, bubbles and flowing water. More specific forms of hydrotherapy are thalassotherapy: the therapeutic use of ocean water for bathing and our personal favourite balneotherapy: which is the therapeutic bathing in mineral and thermal springs, which allows for the transdermal absorption of the minerals found in the water.

Herbalism - The use of botanical medicines.

Exercise - Self explanatory. 

Nutrition - A wholesome diet of whole grains, fruits & vegetables with limited meat.

Spirituality - A healthy person begins with a healthy mind.

The aim of Kneipp's naturopathic treatments were to maintain and restore human health. Our search for wellness took us first to the KissSalis spa in Bad Kissingen, where in addition to the balneotherapy we included a mud treatment from the moors of Bad Aibling - a treatment that words cannot describe and the wonders of which were felt for days. Followed by meditative barefoot walks, good healthy farm fresh food and visiting other temples of wellness such as floating in the salt pools in Bad Windsheim, partaking in the rituals of herbal tea and also drinking the healing waters of Bad Bruckenau.

Never have we returned from a holiday feeling more rejuvenated - completely ready for the upcoming darker season with oodles of energy and an inner calm that is frankly fantastic.