Seasons at Lassco


British seasons are made up of a whole lot more than just the weather - which anyone living here can be thankful for - it’s the smell of fresh flowers in the spring, the sound of calm silence on crisp winter mornings, the taste of chestnuts in the autumn and the precious, heady evenings spent with loved ones each summer. It’s not often that you get to experience an event that manages to evoke those feelings, but Seasons at Lassco, the four-part series of workshops and dinners celebrating each British season by collecting together craft makers, musicians, florists and chefs within the unique setting of London’s Maltby Street’s resident legend, Lassco Ropewalk, manages to do just that. 

The summer event, the second in the four-part series curated by Lassco Ropewalk in collaboration with the wildly talented Lucy Franks began as guests were lead through Lassco’s enticing leafy entrance into a beautiful room filled with reclaimed treasures ready for the workshop with Charlie Borrows. With the expert guidance of Charlie, and the talents of Olivia Walsh, barista from Ozone coffee roasters on hand to provide energy for the workshop ahead, the once seemingly unattainable skills of leather handling became possible - with embossed initials on finished leather card holders to prove it and a gift from Ohros candles to sweeten the deal. 

When the sun had calmed and final stitches were sown, guests moved outside to the arches - the centre piece of the evening. Little Bird gin cocktails were sipped and conversation flowed as we listened to the sounds of Johnny Holliday and friends, whilst the smell of Smokestak’s David Carter’s food on the grill lingered temptingly in the air. With Plum Woods’ overflowing arrangement spanning the table like an extravagant summer hedgerow bursting with purple berries and lush green leaves, it was clear to see that this was no ordinary event. Eyes widened and tastebuds tingled with anticipation as dish after dish of delicious food - cured hot smoked salmon, beef brisket with pickled red chilli and smoked cauliflower cheese (to name a few) along with plenty of perfectly complimented wine from Bedales of Borough - filled the table. 

Maybe it’s the power of truly good food, maybe it’s the company, maybe it’s experiencing something special but as darkness came and the music restarted the Thoreau quote the event was based on rang true “I took a walk through the woods and came out taller than the trees”. When guests left - they walked tall.