Little By Little


Many of us wrestle with the idea of doing more for people in need, but apart from the small things, it usually doesn’t go much further. That’s not the case for Little by Little. We spent the morning at the wonderful 26 Grains with Georgina Fuggle and Annabel Panes - the creators of this small, but inspiring jewellery company, who have partnered up with Action Against Hunger - to find out how a little idea can make a big difference.

Unlike some creations, Little by Little’s wasn’t a big light bulb moment, but rather the idea came as Georgia and Annabel walked through Brighton and noticed just how many people were without food or shelter and after lengthy discussions assisted by wine or coffee - they’re uncertain which - the pair decided to take their ideas to the next level and create something that could help. 

Combining their impressive backgrounds in food and jewellery design - Georgina trained at Leiths and now works as a food stylist & editor with her own books “Take One Pot” and “Take One Veg” and Annabel graduated from the renowned John Cass jewellery school and now works with fair-trade legend Cred - their credentials seemed like a natural and poignant fit.

It was extremely important to the pair to get it right; to find the right partner, to create the right pieces at the right price and with the right materials. This took three years, with sourcing trips to Peru and a lot of work to get to where they are today but with an impressive three collections and a partnership with Action Against Hunger - who have 35 years of experience in situations of chronic food insecurity, conflict and natural disaster - things have paid off. 

The collections are all based around different elements of food - the Wedge and Seville collection range from particularly striking earrings to elegant bracelets, all of which are made from ethically sourced materials and fair trade crafted. Not only are they beautiful, but with every item sold they also donate the funding to pay for a day’s supply of therapeutic food to nurse an acutely malnourished child back to health. In a world that has so many in need, it’s good to be able to give something back - even if it is just a little by little.