Malmö Saluhall


Described as a heaven for food lovers, Malmö Saluhall is a newly opened market hall situated by the waters edge in Malmö, an obvious destination for lovers of both good ingredients and good food, a market for the young, old, big and small alike, simply put - a covered market for everyone.

Previously an old culturally protected freight shed from the late 1800’s - having stood empty and abandoned for many years - it has very recently been given a new lease of life, with the plans drawn up by esteemed architect Gert Wingårdh - one of Sweden’s most revered living architects, who has been instrumental in bringing contemporary designs into Swedish architecture with his playful spirit and use of intriguing materials. This is most certainly the case here, where corten steel meets exposed brick, breathing life into the old and thus creating something new, a place that has been given the opportunity to come to life once again

Now it is filled with wonderfully tantalising aromas, a feast for the eyes, a place to be inspired to cook good honest food, with sausages from Österlen made by hand in a barn without electricity, freshly caught plaice from around the island of Ven, hand sorted coffee beans, beautiful freshly cut flowers, newly baked bread, the freshest of fruit and wonderful locally produced vegetables. Here you can find such delights as wood fired pizza from Hedvigsdal, delicious food to go from Holy Greens, melt in the mouth cheeses from the delightful staff at Ostabengtson - quite possibly Sweden's most well-aged cheese shop - established in Lund in 1951, this third generation cheese shop is heaven sent. Moving along, if you are lucky enough to have a secret instrument of charm such as our youngest daughter, you may also get an extra rye and raisin bun popped into your bag from the lovely staff at St. Jakobs sourdough bakery, keeping the tradition of the bakers dozen well and truly alive. Tea is always delightful and here the Tea Junkie will see that you are well taken care of and once your bags begin to become too heavy how about sitting down for a while at the many tantalising places to eat such as Malmstens, Papi et al or perhaps just a coffee from Koppi - sit down, relax and simply enjoy the feel of this industrial meets modern space.