Natural Wines


A slow revolution in the wine industry is quietly taking place - perhaps it has not even come up on your radar yet - it is the concept of natural wines, not just organic but unprocessed, unfiltered, crafted by artisans and not for sale in your supermarket. These artisanal wines are produced by guardians of the wine, who guide a natural process rather than forcing the process to fit a particular mould or trend, as is commonly found in more traditional wines.

Our search took us first to Vin Pur in Bielefeld - a coffee shop with wine and cheese, or is it a wine shop with air dried hams, or perhaps just a fabulous place selling Vins Naturels, natural wines, wines without additives. Here you will find a selection of exciting artisanal wines from the different growing regions of France, Germany and South Africa. We made up a selection box and had it shipped to us but we highly recommend stopping by if you can.

Next we headed off to 2naturkinder in Kitzingen who also follow this raw philosophy, pressing from natural and pesticide free grapes - vinified without additives, natural, unfiltered or only slightly sulphurated during the bottling process. Their wine is the pure expression of the terroir and the magic of them as winemakers.

On our search we also stumbled upon the young winemaker Stefan Vetter who farms two hectares of vines in Franconia. He is certainly one of the most extraordinary wine growers of the region and is committed to Vins Naturels. His vineyards are certified for organic viticulture and are managed manually. The only additive, a small amount of sulphur, is added only when filling. Stefan makes an original and authentic natural wine, he achieves this through minimalist intrusion, thus achieving flavours that reflect the fine terroir of his vineyards. He farms a small plot of old vines in Castell Kirchberg and even though it is a bijou vineyard his wine is a true reflection of his success and dedication. He is quite a character, one may even say eccentric nevertheless he is one of the true great young German winemakers.