New life.


Adaptive reuse.

Functionally changing.

Repurposed architecture.

Every building has a story to tell, the purpose for which it was built, the materials used, the craftsmen’s work reflected in the dramatic and yet simple forms, it is a reflection of a community, not a single mind but rather a collaboration of ideas and strengths. Over time life changes, buildings fall into neglect and nature takes over, at this point it is important to remember the words of A.N.Didron - a French archaeologist who said “it is better to preserve than to restore and better to restore than to reconstruct”.

In this day and age of mass production in architecture and building we no longer see the craftsmen’s skill and dedication reflected in their work, the suburbs of little boxes are devoid of beauty and creativity. Meanwhile the buildings of old are left to tumble and fall. What better way to feed the imagination than with the poetry of decay, the celebration of a life’s work, the creative mind, the love, the truth, the beauty and the past, than by taking an old building and repurposing it into something else.

Take your passion and see it come alive in the history of a space long forgotten. By converting the court house into a cultural centre, a salt glazing factory into a no waste food hall and restaurant, a former warehouse into a museum, a barn into a seasonally inspired pop-up shop or a former cattle hall into a farmer's market and micro brewery - the list is endless, the choice limitless.