A complex issue that means different things to different people. For us here at Absintheminded Magazine, it means finding meaning in all that we do, honouring our sense of family, being connected, being mindful of ourselves and of others, never tiring of being still if only for a moment, refusing to give up on learning, refusing to give up, humble, realising that we do not have the answers to everything, realising that we are only human, infallible, being able to say sorry, knowing when our opinion does and does not matter - in other words humility, knowing our positive traits, highlighting them and working on our negative traits, creating good habits both individually and as a family. In short appreciating our daily life, both good and bad.

This is our spirituality, our guide to the every day, sometimes however words are not enough, we falter and stumble, it is at these times that we need a sense of space, something to empower us with its physicality and presence, to make us see reality again. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and in that same way perhaps being physically in a place of wondered calm could be worth a thousand thoughts. A place where the expression of our souls can be re-found in the space that surrounds us - a place in which to revive our spiritual selves. 

Often spirituality and sacredness in architecture is viewed in terms of a specific building type, but for us the spirituality in architecture is so much more than just the purpose of the building, it is the feeling of the building, the sense of calm it instils in us, the structure, the warmth of the materials used that meld together to convey a message to us, bringing us back into the here and now through its sanctuary, a place to rest a while, regroup and recharge. This could be a greenhouse, a church, a museum or even a solitary chair on which to sit in an otherwise abandoned building - just being still and breathing in the sense of space, quietness and appreciation.