Tine k Home


PHOTOGRAPHY: courtesy of Tine K Home

In conjunction with the launch of the BOHO collection we took a trip to the Danish town of Odense, to talk to some of the people behind Tine K Home - a Danish lifestyle brand with a beautiful collection of home accessories, furniture and fashion. In the words of Tine herself - "With the new BOHO collection I wanted to create an experience of moving back to what it is all about, to what makes people come together and make them think about what matters the most. By slowing down and enjoying daily life, we can preserve and cherish a down-to-earth way of living". Using responsible materials, Tine wants us to gather in a thoughtful way - with respect for nature - where feelings are essential and gatherings are part of life's intrinsic poetry.

Tine K Home presents two collections annually - each new collection is created to be a natural extension of the previous one and the catalogues are in themselves a feast for the eyes. Shot on locations such as the romantically faded Marienlyst Castle in Helsingør or at La Granja in Ibiza and featuring her beautiful linens, handcrafted tiles, clothes, hand woven baskets perfect for market shopping. Her ceramics are simply lovely, bringing harmony and balance - our favourite shades of smoke and moss would fit in perfectly with our own collection of glasses, glass jars, vases and her old Vietnamese jars already take pride of place in our home. The list just goes on and on.

La Granja is in itself a wonderful place to stay, a rustic farmhouse, a biodynamic farm, where you can attend one of their many workshops, classes or projects, it is a place that prides itself on a sense of community, sharing is central to their philosophy, meals are served at large communal tables, where guests come together to enjoy the farm’s bounty in communion. As the idea of people coming together is very much the philosophy behind Tine K Home - it truly is a perfect marriage of two likeminded brands working together.

Her products reflect a sense of bohemian living at its best, elegant and simple, botanical, inspired by nature and travels both near and far. Muted tones and traditional handiwork coupled with a just a hint of Scandinavian minimalism. The unique weaving process used on her soft fabrics for example, is what gives the material its structure and feeling, it is a certain softness that feels warm and lived in. Her fabrics simply put complete a room, any room, they add a chic quality to more formal environments and a rustic quality to more relaxed areas. With this characteristic in mind, it is not hard to see why several hotels are using her brand to create a sense of calm, relaxation - such as Praia Verde a boutique hotel in Portugal, surrounded by a dense pine forest albeit with a glittering ocean view, a perfect place to escape.

Funnily enough it was at a gathering that we discovered the BOHO collection for ourselves, we were immediately struck by the lived in quality to the fabrics, inviting and comforting, softly washed linen, divine cotton throws, feather soft on your skin with cushions to match in shades of dusky rose, the palest blue and grey tones. We ate using her simple yet elegant cutlery, which was so good to touch. We were struck by the overall ambience of this particular gathering, the food was rustic yet sophisticated, the company was both interested and interesting, the wine was natural, delicious and a perfect marriage to the food and the table dressed in fabrics from this collection was in perfect context within this perfect setting - bringing all the individual aspects into a whole. We felt so comfortable we wanted the day to last forever.