To Gather

WORDS & Photography: AM

In this digital age of ours where we are connected all of the time, it is easy to forget the importance of simply being able to gather. Being physically near to someone is a powerful feeling, something that we need in order to survive. To gather brings about a sense of togetherness and in order to do this we simply need to pause every now and again and be with others, make time for friends and family, come together and celebrate - really what could be better, after all it makes us feel both loved and alive.

It could be over coffee - perhaps with a lemon scented poppyseed cake - a simple cup of green tea, a quick chat or a long lunch. Even some riveting gossip over cardamom biscuits and hot chocolate. A homely soup at the kitchen table, seafood and bubbly with friends or a simple bottle of stout at the bar with some cherished colleagues.

However, to gather or togetherness isn’t just about coffee and cake, it is equally about creating a feeling of belonging. The sharing of ideas, the solving of one another's woes, the guidance, the gentle teasing and the peels of laughter. The tears and the joy. Be it outside in the rose garden, inside by the fireplace, at a bustling café or by the beach on a long walk with the dog - an excuse to slow down and delight in our collective esprit de corps.